Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Creation Museum Opens: the Biblical perspective inside, the Biblical rebuttal outside

The Creation Museum is now open for gawking. Tuesday afternoon Answers in Genesis opened its doors to 4,000 guests and dozens of protesters. Ken Ham, co-founder of the facility, told Christian Broadcasting Network that he wanted to build the museum "because dismissing the Genesis account as myth or allegory undermines faith in the rest of Scripture, including the Bible's teachings about sin, redemption, and marriage."

As guests attended the opening demonstrates who know the earth is billions of years old, jeered. One poster, Lawrence Krauss, a physicist at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University who spoke with National Public Radio's Barbara Bradley Hagerty, summarized it this way, "It's important to speak out against nonsense."

But despite science overwhelmingly on the protesters' side, they pulled the Bible in with them. An airplane pulled a banner that read, "Thou shall not lie," proving once again that the Bible is the ideologues duct tape. Is there no view point that the Bible cannot hold together?

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