Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Huckabee: Stimulus is anti-religious

An urgent message from Huckabee:

The dust is settling on the “bipartisan” stimulus bill and one thing is clear: it is anti-religious.

Yes, both the House and Senate bills have a provision that prohibits federal dollars for higher education construction grants to be used for:

“…modernization, renovation, or repair of facilities--used for sectarian instruction, religious worship…or a school or department of divinity; or in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are subsumed in a religious mission.”

You would think the ACLU drafted this bill…
This is the opening round of the Democrats’ campaign for BIG government. We cannot afford to sit round one out, because if we do, they will only become more emboldened and their grab for power more audacious and damaging to our country and our freedoms.
More here.

So Macho, so hypocritical

The Christian Party, based in Scotland, is firing back at the atheist messages delivered via London city buses with their own public transport message. The Christian Party's signs will say say: "There definitely is a God. So join The Christian Party and enjoy your life."

George Hargreaves, leader of the Scottish Christian Party, has funded this and other campaigns with royalties he continues to receive for co-writing and producing the 1980s British hit So Macho, sung by gay icon Sinitta, Pink News reports.

(Stay with me, this comes full circle.)

In a 2007 interview with the Times, Hargreaves explained that he had a different "biblical understanding" at the time he wrote the song. Responding to criticism that Hargreaves uses money earned by producing a hit on the gay club scene to fund campaigns berating homosexuals, he told the Times:

It says in the Bible that so long as Earth remains there shall be seed time and harvest. You could say that So Macho was the seed I sowed and now I’m reaping the harvest.

To conclude this pleasing narrative arc, this whole bus business began because of an anti-HPV vaccine ad published in the New Statesman titled "VIOLENT CRIME - SOWING AND REAPING." Underneath the text read:
There is a Biblical principle that we reap what we sow. It applies to nations as well as to individuals. What politicians sow, the people reap. When politicians sow evil, the people reap misery, and the poorest reap it the worst.
It would seem that we are all slaves to the Bible's harvest.

Coleman: "God wants me to serve"

Norm Coleman was on the Mike Gallagher show as part of his media lap defending his court challenge with the ultimate "He made me do it" defense.

Several liberal-leaning blogs have posted the news that Coleman believes God wants him to serve, with a few adding the detail that Coleman is Jewish (here and here).

"How’s this for chutzpah?" said Truthdig.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post suspects that Coleman is tailoring his message to his audience.

Perhaps now that God is no longer managing foreign policy, he is siding with Coleman on this one because the stimulus plan (which Coleman told Gallagher he would reject) would subvert his plans for the coming Apocalypse? Or maybe God wants to take a stand on the Fairness Doctrine (another policy Coleman told Gallagher he would reject) which would almost certainly disrupted the thriving Christian radio business?

I'm just trying to follow the logic of when God's will is the people's will and when God's will needs to be sorted out in court because if Coleman is tailoring his message then its worth taking the measurements of Gallagher's audience.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Over 5,000 pastors pledge to preach... the Bible

Thousands of preachers are signing up to take The Preacher's Pledge:

I will make the Bible my primary resource in sermon preparation and preaching.

I may use other resources such as commentaries and web sites to enhance, not replace, my personal interaction with Scripture.

As I study I will strive to accurately understand and honestly apply God's Word, allowing Him to uniquely proclaim His truth in a relevant way through me.

Ron Foreth, general editor of SermonCentral.com, which claims to be the world's most highly trafficked sermon website, wants to encourage pastors to "carefully study and gain a solid grasp of the biblical passages they are preaching."

Money quote:
"Our goal for The Preacher's Pledge is to urge pastors to preach the Word, not just ideas that seem relevant or helpful," he highlighted.

Octuplets receive biblical names

Reports the Telegraph:

"This is Noah and he's doing well. He's blond, the only one with blond hair."

Describing son Jonah, the smallest of the octuplets, as "the troublemaker", she then introduced baby Isaiah – or "baby C" - who she said was getting bigger and "starting to recognise my voice". Speaking to "angel" daughter Nariah, she said: "I wish I could be here all day long".

Jeremiah is "on lights for jaundice", Miss Suleman went on, before caressing McCai and apologising to Josiah for the brief nature of her visit.
I feel better already.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Religious conviction: the tie that binds Wilson and W.

An article in Economic Principles summarizes the comparisons of George W. Bush to Woodrow Wilson:
At bottom, what the two men seem to have shared is religious conviction amounting to certainty. Early in his presidential campaign, Wilson stated, “There is a spirit that rules us. If I did not believe in Providence, I would feel like a man going blindfolded through a haphazard world.” At a National Prayer Breakfast, Bush said, “Events aren’t moved by blind change and chance. Behind all of life and all of history, there’s a dedication and purpose, set by the hand of a just and faithful God.”