Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Bible Blog of Biblical Proportions!

Everyone has a fight to pick with Matt Drudge. He can create scandal out of thin air; he can make scandals disappear. He secretly controls the 2008 presidential elections. He is not a serious writer. Etc., etc., etc.

While his uncanny knack for digging up sensational stories and his pre-eminent access to breaking news secures his place on the desktops of news addicts around the world, his to-the-minute headlines could do without the constant references to the Bible. A reference to the apocalypse here, a mention of Noah's ark there, this is all part of the old-school tabloid feel, I understand. But Drudge takes a headline like "Naples's Trash is a challenge politicians are flunking" and turns it into: "Garbage crises of biblical proportions has gripped Naples, Italy."

But if you can not fight them, join them; and many newspaper editors have. So in honor of Drudge, here is a list of other headlines of "biblical proportions":
"Pomegranate ale holiday brew of biblical proportions"
"Developer, builders share their thoughts of biblical proportions"
"It was a bomb scare of biblical proportions"
"A crisis of biblical proportions"
"A gamble of Biblical proportions"
"Lamb--A History of Biblical proportions"
"Court debate of biblical proportions"
"Saints Predict a Miracle of Biblical Proportions"
"Family Dysfunction of Biblical Proportions"
"Conservatives condemn error of biblical portions"
"Souls cry out to God after a cataclysm of biblical proportions"

In brief, what we have here is an an ale festival, some real estate property, an environmental crisis, a film release, some lamb recipes, a Supreme Court hearing, a baseball come-back, a movie-marketing trend, gay marriage, and a tsunami of biblical proportions!

Negating the obvious question--what is a biblical portion?--I would like to answer an easier, though equally pressing one: should the word "biblical" be capitalized?

The grammatical answer: No, it is an adjective. The Bible Bending answer: trick question. Stop describing your festivals and disasters as "biblical."

Can you hear me Drudge?


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