Friday, February 16, 2007

Bible Bending Special:
"Biblical Art in a Secular Century: Selections, 1886-1993"
an exhibit at New York's Museum of Biblical Art

Andy Warhol, Crosses (Twelve), 1981

Marc Chagall, Adam and Eve, 1912

George Bellows, The Sawdust Trail, 1916

Georges Rouault, Crucifixion, 1937

Kiki Smith, Processional Cross, 1990

Reviews of the show:
Washington Post (DC)
YouTube Bible Bender of the Day: "Silver is Untaxable!"
"According to my understanding Biblical law and history, it was only the first fruits, or increases in a person's wealth, and only about 10%, that was supposed to be given as tithes to the priests. Therefore, if the priests were to have any income at all, they would be highly motivated to follow God's laws to set up an economic system that would continually increase the wealth of the people."

Bible Bending website of the Day: How the establishment of Israel in 1948 fulfills biblical prophesy.

Ecumenical News International (Switzerland): A collection of biblical passages on suffering and hope called "Ronnie's Bible" was compiled for those living with AIDS in India. (Romania): Bruce Metzger, a biblical translator and general editor of the New Revised Standard Version known for giving the Bible "greater accuracy, clarity and naturalness of expression," died Tuesday.
(Italy): Twenty Chinese Catholics are spending a month studying the Bible in Jerusalem.

Zenit News Agency
(Italy): Jean-Baptiste Edart and Innocent Himbaza speak about their new book, Clarifications sur l'Homosexualite dans la Bible (Clarifications on Homosexuality in the Bible). In summary, the Catholic priest and the Protestant pastor (respectively) take the position that "one is obliged to see that the Bible's position is clearly against homosexual practices." This book stands in sharp contrast to the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last month.

Yahoo! News: Jack Trickler's new book, A Layman's Guide to Who Wrote the Bible?, offers a challenge to those who "take the Bible literally."

OpEdNews (PA): Jesus and the Bible's vote is with the Democrats: "It is time to put an end to the centuries-old lies and the defaming of the Jewish people that they killed Christ. Jews didn't kill Christ. Romans did not kill Christ. Christ was crucified by conservatives--both Hebrew and Roman--for his liberal teachings."

Clovis News Journal
(NM): What do the Bible and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) have in common?

Amandala (Belize): A tangential letter to the editor relating the Constitution of Belize to the Bible.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bible Bending Picture of the Day:
"A Silhouette of Scrolls"
This fashion statement was part of an evening celebrating the Canadian launch of the Bible and Roots Project, People of the World Inscribe the Bible. The evening was full of Bible bending activities such as a feast of food mentioned in the Bible, a photo exhibit of places mentioned in the Bible, and a biblically inspired fashion show. (Canadian Jewish News, Canada.)

YouTube Bible Bending video of the Day: The Easy Bible
Cynically Tested presents a parody of Staples Easy Button ad campaign.

Christian Post
: Tim Wilkins, a former homosexual, says that homosexuality is an temptation, not an orientation. However, it is "unbiblical" to demand that someone must be attracted to the opposite sex or to think that they will never have another thought about the opposite sex. "For me to say that I could never be attracted to men again, or that I couldn't be tempted would mean that I'm not human, and that's just not the case."

Napa Valley Register
(CA): Another review of Eva Etzioni-Halevy's new novel, Garden of Ruth. “I didn’t deviate from the biblical stories,” Etzioni-Halevy tells the Register. “The stories are brief. I built from them in my imagination but I was careful to be true to the Bible.”

Digital Journal
(Canada): How much should parents' faith dictate the medical care of their children? A conversation inspired by the case of the parents of sextuplets who refused blood transfusions for their premature babies because as Jehovah's Witnesses they believe they should abstain from blood (Acts 21:25).

World Net Daily
(OR):A new federal court decision in Philadelphia ruled that police officers did have the right to silence the eleven protesters at a Gay Pride event in 2004. Members of the group Repent America say that this is part of an effort to silence biblical messages. "God has called us to 'Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression…" (Isaiah 58.1)"

The Stranger
(WA): New album by The Thermals, The Blood, The Body, The Machine, was constructed using "biblical narrative arcs."

World Peace Herald (DC): Researchers (not specified) plan to retrace the path of Abraham in an effort to inspire "coexistence and understanding between Judaism, Christianity and Islam."

The Advocate
(LA): The Old Testament is full of support for abortion and Jesus had never spoke out against it, therefore it should remain a personal choice.

Kenya Times
(Kenya): Following Jesus' message, Kenyans must address the "bad sex" habits of men and women in order to "revert to a society of old that knew no sexual decadence."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bible Bending website of the day:
Those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior can enter the e-mail addresses of their non-believing friends and family. When the rapture comes and believers are taken to Heaven, the non-believers will receive an e-mail address explaining what just happened.

YouTube Bible Bender: Psalm 23 Bracelet Commercial
"Sterling Silver, Swarovski crystal, and a timeless message of hope and faith."

New York Times (NY): Five Letters in response to the front-page February 12th article "Believing in Scripture but Playing by Science's Rules."

Tusculoosa (AL): Americans have forgotten that their country's values were based on the Bible.

American Thinker (AZ): Muslims in Jerusalem have disrespected the Jewish tradition by building a mosque over the ruins of the temple mount.

Red and Black (GA): A professor at the University of Georgia tries to emulate Jesus' teaching style.

PR Inside (Austria): Bible study helps those struggling with alcoholism.

The Huffington Post (NY): Court witnesses and U.S. representatives do not need the Bible to say the truth--they only need the threat of prosecution for perjury.

Monday, February 12, 2007

PR Web (WA): And the Lord said, "pick up your phone." Bible ring tones are here. Have the New King James Version inform you of your call.

San Diego State University: In the Beginning: The Greatest Story Never Told is a new play opening up this weekend which tells the story of the people who did not make it into scripture.

OhGizmo (Canada): "Fireplace Most Likely to be Featured in a Biblical Epic."

New York Times (NY): Marcus Ross, a graduate student at Rhode Island University, has recently submitted his dissertation on a marine reptile that disappeared 65 million years ago. His acceptance into the field of paleontology has stirred controversy not because of the quality of his work, but because he is a professed young earth creationist who believes the earth is at most 10,000 years old. Paleontology and scripture are two paradigms, Ross says, and he sees no difficulty in reconciling the two.

Belfast Telegraph (UK): Irish footballer has been acting like Noah lately.

National Ledger (AZ): The wait is over: at last, Biblical prophesy and the Roswell incident merge together in Terry James' new novel The Rapture Dialogues: Dark Dimension.

Concord Monitor (NH): Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts who will announce his run for presidency tomorrow, may find that his faith as a Mormon will become a political issue.

The Frederick News-Post
(MD): William Emanuel presents a lecture series on "People of Color in the Bible." Emanuel believes that the black community has been miseducated about Biblical facts and therefore has a responsibility to spread the message that the Old Testament was written about the African Hebrews.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

St. Petersburg Times (FL): Sex sells. A church in Florida has launched a campaign that it hopes will change the discourse on sex and center is on biblical teachings. A similar campaign called "Porn and Pancakes" organized by XXX Church has also enjoyed media attention.

The Forum (ND) (subscription): The Bible regards fetuses as property and therefore does not condemn abortion as a previous editorial suggested. Another article in a local North Carolina newspaper has found evidence to the contrary.

, UK: The Student Christian Movement's annual conference will focus on the uses and abuses of the Bible.

CBS Denver (CO): A woman in Colorado is gathering signatures in support of her proposal to add the Bible to the high school curriculum.

Christianity Today (UK): The Voice is a new program that targets the 20 million Americans who are searching for new ways to explore the Bible, or who are seeking to read it for the first time.

Jackson Hole Star-Tribune (WY): Lifeway Christian Resources have made it their mission to send the troops in Iraq Christian Singles magazines, not porn.

San Diego Union Tribune (CA): A proposal in the Arkansas House of Representatives to commemorate Thomas Paine day on January 29 failed after legislators raised concerns that Paine was critical of the Bible and Christianity.