Thursday, February 1, 2007

  • Christian Post: A new postmodern Bible series called The Voice, released the gospel of Mathew. The series appeals to Christian leaders in a postmodern culture because, "They are not interested in just presenting Biblical facts and truths in their preaching. They want to tell the entire story of the Bible just as Jesus did."

  • (DC): Group believes that, according to the book of Revelation, Pope John Paul II will return as the next pope after Benedict XVI-- and he will be the anti-Christ.

  • The Real Truth (OH): Another group believes that the Jesus Christians follow is a counterfeit Jesus.

  • The Kentucky Standard: We should learn what Cain and Abel teach us about taking care of each other.

  • General Laws of Massachusetts: Massachusetts Law on reading portions of the Bible daily.

  • Photobucket: Bible warning label.

  • English Standard Version Bible: New Testament social network map.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Livingston Post (MI): Jesus would want bloggers to identify themselves.

The Spoof (UK): Everyone on earth opens their Bible at the same time, creating large dust storm (satire).

Cinematical (CA): Review of the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So: the film manages to critique the religious right's condemnation of homosexuality without attacking their beliefs. (NY): A mother writes about how she relates to the verse: "And a sword will pierce your own soul, too" (Luke 2:35).

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

  • WDC Media News (CA): Christians should not be concerned with whether or not God wants them to be lead a prosperous or austere life, but should focus on the message of Jeremiah 17:10 which has "the final and consummate answer to the whole matter."

  • Los Angels Times (CA): A couple is banking that when the Bible said "Ask and you shall receive," it meant God was giving away Super Bowl tickets.

  • Metro (NY): The pastor of Revolution, a Bible study that meets at a bar and has been the subject of a Sundance documentary entitled "One Punk Under God," speaks about his ministry and his critics.

  • (Washington): The Cameroonian Association for Bible Translation and Literacy is seeking government support to expand its efforts to translate the Bible into native African languages because, it argues, there work is needed to preserve identity.

  • Virtue Online (PA): Adult Christians need to study the Bible since "it can only be accurately interpreted in light of its original context, audience and language".

  • Amandala Online (Belize): According to the Bible, God gives government the authority to punish crime since the root of crime is sin. However, only the coming of Jesus can eradicate sin completely so it is not the government's job to attempt to do so.

  • Hutchington Leader (MN): America is becoming vulnerable to the influence of Qur'an and thus in danger of loosing its freedoms.

  • Journal Chretien (France): New Zealanders can tune into the radio and hear the Bible anytime, day or night.

  • Capitalism Magazine (Bahamas): Children are better off learning about virtues from Harry Potter than the fairy tales of the Bible.

Monday, January 29, 2007 (Canada): A school board in Canada will no longer allow Gideon International Bible Society to offer free Bibles to students.
Sun-Sentinel (FL): For Bruce Feiler, author of the bestselling book Walking the Bible, visiting the Holy Land inspires awe and doubt.
Boston Globe (MA): Massachusetts Bible Society has enlisted the help of a new director to bring the Bible distributor into the technological age.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Journal Chretien (France): Three students in the northern province of India were beaten and their Bible school vandalized by Hindu extremists who oppose the spread of Christianity.

San Fransisco Chronicle (CA): Vicki Haddock reviews David Plotz observations on the Old Testament in his widely read column on Blogging the Bible. Plotz describes himself as "a believer in God who believes in some version of some things in the Bible."

World Daily Net (OR): The Geneva Bible, a translation in-print from1560 to 1644 and thus popular with Shakespeare, John Milton, John Bunyan, and pilgrims, is now available for purchase.

Lexington Herald-Leader (KY): Both the UCLA and United for the Separation of Church and State will not file a lawsuit against a Kentucky basketball team with Proverbs 27:17 painted on the wall.

Catholic Online (CA): The Russian episcopal conference has declared 2007 the "Year of Merciful Love."

Merced Sun-Star (CA): A Methodist minister provides a few facts about the history of the Bible.

WPOT (DC): Parents from the Church of Scientology seek exemption from mandatory newborn blood-test based on their interpretation of the Bible.