Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bible Bending Campaign Ad/Teenage Rebellion

Jordan Greene, the 15 year-old-son of the Georgia state congressional candidate Bill Greene, has posted a video of himself in a Bible study lead by his father. In the video, Bill reads a verse from Mathew 43: "I say unto you: love thy enemies..." at which point Jordan breaks out into The Right Brothers' (TRB) "The List."

For context, TRB is an underground punk band promoting a "rebellious" conservative message. They first drew wide public attention with the release of "Bush was Right" followed by other right-wing songs such as "The Enemy Within" ("blending in like they're one of us while inside their hatred for us rages; they made it do or die, so it's time for us to fight, it's time to fight the enemy within!"). As their website proudly proclaims, TRB contrasts the liberal message in mainstream music a "bold conservative message with loud guitars and no apologies!" They are pro-life, pro-U.S. troops, anti-Hollywood, and pro-Ann Coulter.

Jordan created this video as part of TRB's fan video project called "Liberals We Can't Stand." It might have been a delicious political talking-point if his father was running on the Democrat ticket. But given that Bill Greene is the founder and president of (the conservative answer to where TRB received its first break, the video is not the typical act teenage of rebellion. Jordan even gives his father the last word as the music video fades back into the Bible study; Bill reminds his son: "Love your enemy for in so doing thou shall heap coals of fire upon his head." And with that final thought, Jordan looks rebelliously pleased with himself.

Watch it.

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