Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bible Bending Special:
What observers had to say about the Bible after U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison's
decision to take his congressional oath over the Quran:

Columns and Blogs:
  • Dennis Pranger: Ellison's choice is an act of hubris. U.S. congressman must agree to uphold the same values--specifically, biblical values. After heavy criticism (see articles below), Pranger apologized for some comments but maintained that he is still concerned about the decline of the Bible's influence on American values.
  • USA Today: The swearing-in ceremony only requires the elected representatives to raise their right hand.
  • Steve Benen: American civilization has survived congress persons refusing to take the oath with the Bible before.
  • Eugene Volokh: Prager misses the multicultural intentions of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Stephen Bainbridge: No one gets to dictate American's faith.
  • Rick Reidel: Taking the oath over the Bible does not insure that a congress person will be honest. To suggest it does is Islamophobic.
  • Deborah Weiss: The Bible is morally superior to the Quran. Allowing a Muslim into Congress puts the nation at risk.
  • Devvy Kidd: Ellison is not obeying Islam by representing a Christian nation.
  • Leonard Pitt: The conservative response is a shameful remainder of the strain of intolerance still active in the America.
Opinion columns and Letters to the Editor:
  • Star-Gazette (NY): In America, the Bible should come before the Quran.
  • Gulf News (United Arab Emirates) : Is the outrage following Ellison's decision isolated or an indication of widespread Islamophobia?
  • International News (Pakistan): Pakistani officials should take their oaths over the Quran.
  • Arutz Sheva (Israel): The real issue that concerns Israelis is whether or not Ellison is sympathetic to the Jewish cause.
  • Payvand (IRAN): Thomas Jefferson (who owned the Quran that Ellison used) would be proud to see freedom of religion prevail.
  • Bismark Tribune (ND): Ellison's decision was about American values: the freedom of religion.
  • The Breeze (VA): The nation should take of Rep. Virgil Goode's (VA) xenophobia.
  • Middle East Online (UK): The worst of America responded to Ellison: the bigots and the ignorant.
  • Mississippi Daily Journal (MS): The Bible is morally superior to the Quran.
  • News-Leader (MO): In choosing the Quran over the Bible, Ellison honored the memory of slave captors, rather than abolitionists.
  • Capital Hill Blue (VA): Muslim countries should take note of the American sense of tolerance.
  • Appleton Post Crescent (WI): The Bible is just an American fashion, not an American tradition.
  • American Chronicle (CA): What Americans need to know about the Quran.

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