Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bible Fight

Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network for adults, has introduced a new game called "Bible Fight."

The game opens with the words: "(Holy music) In the beginning, there was a contest of strength amongst the most prominent figures in scripture to determine the mightiest. The tale of this great rivalry was thought lost forever. Until now."

Players can choose to fight as: Eve (who can throw apples, use a serpent as a whip, or summon Adam from the mud), Noah (who will unleash the Dove of Brutality, a flash flood and a stampede), Moses (who will throw the Ten Commandments in your face, summon up God's version of a telephone, or throw down a hail of frogs), Mary (be prepared to chuck halos and rosaries and watch out for the "Immaculate Deception"), Satan (with his pitchfork fire ball, tail whip and ability to turn into a three-headed dog), and Jesus (keep an eye out for his crown of thorns, cross smashing, and rain of loaves and fishes).

A commentator from the Post Chronicle, clearly offended by the game, urges readers to:
"Ask yourselves this question: Would this be acceptable in Islam? Could anyone make a cartoon of the angel Gabrielle engaging in a bloody battle with the 'Prophet' Muhammad? It's time to take a stand for Christians, whether you believe their scripture or not. Cartoon Network needs to hear the public speak - and clearly."

First, it is not clear what is gained or implied by the recent trend of some Christians calling for communal outrage by comparing themselves to Islam. Second, what exactly does the Cartoon Network need to hear?

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