Monday, May 7, 2007

Bible Bending on the campaign trail, in the EU, relationship advice and more:

The Trumpet (OK): The U.S. and the European Union have signed a new transatlantic economic partnership. According to The Trumpet, this is the beginning of the end:
"Believe it or not, the coming together of America and Germany is an event prophesied in your Bible—as is the outcome of this illicit relationship. Based on these prophecies, the real question is not whether Germany can rely on America, but whether America can trust Germany. The Bible says beware."

CNS News (VA): Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential
candidate, invokes the story of Cain and Abel to argue that evil has and will always be a threat.

Daily News Journal
(TN): State law makers in Tennessee are discussing whether or not to provide public funds to build the proposed "Bible Park USA" that is expected to bring a wave of tourism to the Shelbyville area.

Chicago Tribune
(IL): Michelle Hammond has found her niche in the advice industry with her "Diva Principle"--an outlook that draws inspiration from the lives of women from the Bible. Jonathan Briggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Hammond's approach appeals to "thousands of Christian women struggling with the nuances of dating and marriage." But what Christian woman would not be overwhelmed by the biblical demands of marriage?

Jamaica Observer (JAMAICA): In Jamaica, even though the colonists who introduced the Bible "used it to enslave us even as they raped, ravaged and ran roughshod over our African ancestors and heritage," the laws should be based on biblical morality. For this reason, steps must be taken to teach children that homosexuality is an "abomination," prevent the sexual trafficking of children, and reverse the behaviors that lead children to murder.

WorldNetDaily (OR): A review of the book "Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self Defense" by Charl van Wyk which makes "the biblical, Christian case for individuals to arm themselves, and be prepared to provide a defense for the innocent."

BBC (UK): Dutch creationist Johan Huibers has completed a half-size replica of Noah's ark as testament to his literal belief in the Bible.

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