Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bible Bending + The Simpsons = ?

Meet "The Symptoms"

They are one wild and sinful family brought to you by GLAD magazine, the Christian answer to the iconic American humor magazine, MAD. (In case you missed it, since 1952, MAD has been the fountainhead of equal-opportunity, non-partisan satire aimed at everything from television to politics.)

Now GLAD magazine is here to help young Christians take humor seriously.

Based on the belief that God has a sense of humor that he jammed into the pages of Bible, GLAD provides its readers with knee slappers such as this one from Mark 10:25 (stop me if you have heard this one before):

According to GLAD, God's image is suffering from a malicious PR attack. "The Adversary has made God something stuffy and 'religious' in the eyes of the world. To hear that Jesus Christ used humor, or that God Himself can be funny is to some almost sacrilegious. As a result, many Christians have gone to the world, and hence, the way of the Adversary for entertainment instead of God's way."

In the battle to combat the Adversary's entertainment, GLAD has come up with The Symptoms. Humor, Sarge, Brat, Visa, and Aggie may be reflections (or symptoms, get it?) of the sinful culture around them, but one reading of the Bible and everything is set straight:

Three comments: First, "Humor" seems to be enjoying Proverbs 22:15 a bit too much. Second, GLAD magazine's goal of creating an alternative source of humor to the Adversary's has backfired. For a parody of a parody to work, the audience must have prior knowledge of the material's source. Therefore to understand this comic strip, The Simpsons is mandatory viewing. Finally, I question the efficacy of using an infamously dumb, impressionable family to sell the message of the "Biblical family."

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