Sunday, February 11, 2007

St. Petersburg Times (FL): Sex sells. A church in Florida has launched a campaign that it hopes will change the discourse on sex and center is on biblical teachings. A similar campaign called "Porn and Pancakes" organized by XXX Church has also enjoyed media attention.

The Forum (ND) (subscription): The Bible regards fetuses as property and therefore does not condemn abortion as a previous editorial suggested. Another article in a local North Carolina newspaper has found evidence to the contrary.

, UK: The Student Christian Movement's annual conference will focus on the uses and abuses of the Bible.

CBS Denver (CO): A woman in Colorado is gathering signatures in support of her proposal to add the Bible to the high school curriculum.

Christianity Today (UK): The Voice is a new program that targets the 20 million Americans who are searching for new ways to explore the Bible, or who are seeking to read it for the first time.

Jackson Hole Star-Tribune (WY): Lifeway Christian Resources have made it their mission to send the troops in Iraq Christian Singles magazines, not porn.

San Diego Union Tribune (CA): A proposal in the Arkansas House of Representatives to commemorate Thomas Paine day on January 29 failed after legislators raised concerns that Paine was critical of the Bible and Christianity.

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