Saturday, February 10, 2007

  • Canton Repository (OH): Just in time for Valentine's Day: Biblical love stories.

  • (KA): Bill Maher, a notorious critic of religion, makes an unannounced visit to the new creation museum opening up this spring in Cincinnati as part of his documentary on religion.

  • Spero News: Semitic text found in Egyptian pyramid will help scholars understand "several rare words in the Bible."

  • Jewish Review (OR): "The Garden of Ruth" is a new detective novel based on the story of Ruth. While the author admits to taking artistic liberties, she maintains that the novel is "faithful to the spirit of the Bible."

  • Press Release Web (WA): "Restoring the Biblical Jesus" is a new book that challenges the notion that the Bible supports Jesus' divinity.

  • Belleville News Democrat (MO): A Bible Study led by a judge in Missouri prompts a complaint from an attorney who claims that the group is an improper government endorsement of religion.

  • WKRN (TN): What does the Bible Say about corporal punishment?

  • From David Plotz Blog "Blogging the Bible"--how Tarantino bent Ezekiel in Pulp Fiction.

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