Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bible Bending website of the day: RaptureLetters.com
Those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior can enter the e-mail addresses of their non-believing friends and family. When the rapture comes and believers are taken to Heaven, the non-believers will receive an e-mail address explaining what just happened.

YouTube Bible Bender: Psalm 23 Bracelet Commercial
"Sterling Silver, Swarovski crystal, and a timeless message of hope and faith."

New York Times (NY): Five Letters in response to the front-page February 12th article "Believing in Scripture but Playing by Science's Rules."

Tusculoosa (AL): Americans have forgotten that their country's values were based on the Bible.

American Thinker (AZ): Muslims in Jerusalem have disrespected the Jewish tradition by building a mosque over the ruins of the temple mount.

Red and Black (GA): A professor at the University of Georgia tries to emulate Jesus' teaching style.

PR Inside (Austria): Bible study helps those struggling with alcoholism.

The Huffington Post (NY): Court witnesses and U.S. representatives do not need the Bible to say the truth--they only need the threat of prosecution for perjury.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for noticing our Psalm 23 Bracelet.... Sterling is spelled with and e.