Friday, February 16, 2007

YouTube Bible Bender of the Day: "Silver is Untaxable!"
"According to my understanding Biblical law and history, it was only the first fruits, or increases in a person's wealth, and only about 10%, that was supposed to be given as tithes to the priests. Therefore, if the priests were to have any income at all, they would be highly motivated to follow God's laws to set up an economic system that would continually increase the wealth of the people."

Bible Bending website of the Day: How the establishment of Israel in 1948 fulfills biblical prophesy.

Ecumenical News International (Switzerland): A collection of biblical passages on suffering and hope called "Ronnie's Bible" was compiled for those living with AIDS in India. (Romania): Bruce Metzger, a biblical translator and general editor of the New Revised Standard Version known for giving the Bible "greater accuracy, clarity and naturalness of expression," died Tuesday.
(Italy): Twenty Chinese Catholics are spending a month studying the Bible in Jerusalem.

Zenit News Agency
(Italy): Jean-Baptiste Edart and Innocent Himbaza speak about their new book, Clarifications sur l'Homosexualite dans la Bible (Clarifications on Homosexuality in the Bible). In summary, the Catholic priest and the Protestant pastor (respectively) take the position that "one is obliged to see that the Bible's position is clearly against homosexual practices." This book stands in sharp contrast to the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last month.

Yahoo! News: Jack Trickler's new book, A Layman's Guide to Who Wrote the Bible?, offers a challenge to those who "take the Bible literally."

OpEdNews (PA): Jesus and the Bible's vote is with the Democrats: "It is time to put an end to the centuries-old lies and the defaming of the Jewish people that they killed Christ. Jews didn't kill Christ. Romans did not kill Christ. Christ was crucified by conservatives--both Hebrew and Roman--for his liberal teachings."

Clovis News Journal
(NM): What do the Bible and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) have in common?

Amandala (Belize): A tangential letter to the editor relating the Constitution of Belize to the Bible.

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