Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coleman: "God wants me to serve"

Norm Coleman was on the Mike Gallagher show as part of his media lap defending his court challenge with the ultimate "He made me do it" defense.

Several liberal-leaning blogs have posted the news that Coleman believes God wants him to serve, with a few adding the detail that Coleman is Jewish (here and here).

"How’s this for chutzpah?" said Truthdig.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post suspects that Coleman is tailoring his message to his audience.

Perhaps now that God is no longer managing foreign policy, he is siding with Coleman on this one because the stimulus plan (which Coleman told Gallagher he would reject) would subvert his plans for the coming Apocalypse? Or maybe God wants to take a stand on the Fairness Doctrine (another policy Coleman told Gallagher he would reject) which would almost certainly disrupted the thriving Christian radio business?

I'm just trying to follow the logic of when God's will is the people's will and when God's will needs to be sorted out in court because if Coleman is tailoring his message then its worth taking the measurements of Gallagher's audience.

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