Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bible bending music group: Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

Virtue Online (PA): Archbishop Drexel Gomez noted that the fundamental issue in the rift between US Episcopal Church and the Anglican communion is maintaining the biblical teaching on what God teaches us about sex and how it is to be engaged.

Daily Sun (Nigeria): John Ede's book "Wanted! Leaders who lead!" explores what leadership means according to the Bible.

Caribbean Net News (Cayman Islands):Former CNN host, Andria Hall, will host a "faith tourism conference" for women in the Caribbean. Women who attend the conference, "will benefit from powerful guest speakers, talk-show style sessions, money management workshops, biblical aromatherapy and a gospel concert."

Raleigh Biblical Recorder (NC): The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina is teaming with Crown Financial Ministries to offer individuals through their churches personal financial counseling because the "debilitating burden [of debt] causes tensions that breaks up families and keeps them from expressing biblical stewardship."

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