Monday, February 5, 2007

  • USA Today: Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility are urging Grand Canyon National Park to remove a Young Earth creationist book from the visitor's center. The author of the book, Tom Vail, insists that his points are legitimate. "The most important thing," he says, "is that you ought to be able to trust your God and the claims the Bible makes."

  • In-Forum (ND): 10 "scientific reasons" that the Bible is the source of truth. According to the author, the Bible reveals an understanding of disease and germs, the mechanics of conception, the physics of the universe, and nutrition.

  • World Magazine (subscription required): Some evangelical leaders undertake the task of convincing evangelical voters that the Democratic candidate's agenda are consistent with the Bible. For excerpts, click here.

  • Lebanon Daily News (PA): Chairman from a community theater responds to Biblically-based accusations that a currently running play is blasphemous.

  • Austin American-Statesman (TX): Biblical passages to work through a divorce.
  • Toledo Blade (OH): Packaging is everything: the Bible can now be read as a magazine.

  • Catholic World News: 36,000 Bible's headed to South Africa were lost at sea. Those who speak Xhosa can be comforted knowing that they were insured.

  • The Christian Post: How to Evangelize Tibetan Buddhists in the West.

  • Art work depicts Biblical scenes with black characters in an effort "promote the truth about people of color in the Bible."

  • The Citizen (NY): Children reveal what they believe the Bible says.

  • Waterloo Record (Canada): The recent variations of Biblical materials appeal to those looking for efficiency and a new perspective. David Plotz, author of the widely popular "Blogging the Bible" on, says that his blog has taught him that, "Americans are very open-minded about religions, and they want to be engaged. They want to be able to joke and ask dumb questions. They want to look at it in a fresh way.''

  • The Conservative Voice (NC): Apostate Episcopalians will pay the price for supporting homosexuality when God does not.

  • NY Arts Magazine: A new exhibit in New York features Bible-bending artists.

  • TransWorldNews (GA): According to a new poll, 133 out of 292 Christians surveyed said that Christians should not get unsecured loans. Many based their comments on what the Bible says about borrowing.

  • Lake County Record-Bee (CA): The Bible is OK with omnivores.

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