Thursday, February 1, 2007

  • Christian Post: A new postmodern Bible series called The Voice, released the gospel of Mathew. The series appeals to Christian leaders in a postmodern culture because, "They are not interested in just presenting Biblical facts and truths in their preaching. They want to tell the entire story of the Bible just as Jesus did."

  • (DC): Group believes that, according to the book of Revelation, Pope John Paul II will return as the next pope after Benedict XVI-- and he will be the anti-Christ.

  • The Real Truth (OH): Another group believes that the Jesus Christians follow is a counterfeit Jesus.

  • The Kentucky Standard: We should learn what Cain and Abel teach us about taking care of each other.

  • General Laws of Massachusetts: Massachusetts Law on reading portions of the Bible daily.

  • Photobucket: Bible warning label.

  • English Standard Version Bible: New Testament social network map.

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