Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Neither have you tasted my Jesus"

A young creationist shares a Bible story (actually, an antidote from a college classroom) to defend her position with the infinitely quotable punchline: "neither have you tasted my Jesus."

Her defense has been helpfully animated courtesy of the good folks at B3ta.


Sublime Sensitivities said...

Hi, writer of Bible Bending. This is Alison Bjorklund, fellow blogger and friend! Fell upon your blog today while looking up pictures of the Bible. Haha, I click on Miley and her boy, and found you blog interesting. You dedicate your life to blog against Jesus and I dedicate my life to blogging for Jesus. :) I would love to have a dialogue with you! I would love to know what has brought to blog about Jesus or against Jesus. Here is my blog. Hope you can check it out! With love Alison

Sublime Sensitivities said...