Thursday, March 29, 2007

Victoria Times Colonist (CANADA): "In the Bible, Samson is a hero who used his superhuman strength to do God’s will by pulling down pillars in a Philistine temple, killing thousands and himself in an act of vengeance. But in what’s sure to be a controversial interpretation of the story, a Victoria choir will present Samson as a suicide bomber."

The Conservative Voice (NC): Grant Swank, a commentator, responds to the New York Times article about an African-American priest in Atlanta, Georgia who began preaching acceptance of gay and lesbian persons five years ago. Swank responds: "The disease spreads further."

NewsReleaseWire: John Henderson, author of " A Deity for the New Millennium" responds to the recent TIMES article on including a course on the Bible in public schools. Henderson responds:

Southwest Nebraska News
(NE): McCook Community College in Nebraska will offer “Physics 2990: Creation Science” next fall. The course will cover such topics as:
· The age of the earth, the earth’s beginning, and where the earth is heading
· The Garden of Eden and life on earth before the flood and the major changes which have taken place since that time
· Dinosaurs in the past as well as in the present
· The flood, ice ages, mountain formation, coal and oil formation, and the Grand Canyon
· History of evolution through the ages and the effect it has had on the world as well as many very influential people
· What is taught in school textbooks, without factual supportive evidence?

Reuters: The increasing popularity of the Japanese comic style of manga in Britain and the U.S. has spawned versions of Shakespeare and the Bible. The website promises that in the first ever manga Bible, "Siku's provocative, edgy style brings a whole new dimension to the most important book in history."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (PA): "Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore" by Rayner Hesse Jr. and Anthony Chiffolo: Now you, too, can cook the stew for which Esau sold his birthright. Or "kill the fatted calf," as they did when the prodigal son showed up at home again.

Florida Baptist Witness
(FL): A Baptist pastor argues that topical preaching is "junk food, at best." Instead, the pastor provides biblical passages to support his belief that: "we need to return to expository preaching, generally defined as the explanation of a biblical passage after thorough contextual analysis, and then applied to the hearers."

The Conservative Voice (NC): Democrat and Republican presidential hopefuls alike need to recognize that the born-again Christian vote can make or break their nomination. Says one commentator:

"It’s going to be quite difficult for Democrat candidates to make any points with biblically knowledgeable Christians regarding abortion, for instance. There is no middle ground with that issue. One is either for saving womb babies or destroying womb babies. One cannot have half a baby. The same with active homosexuality lifestyles. One either defends the biblical morality, that is, that God abhors practicing homosexuality, or one does not. There is no halfway measure. Other issues as stem cell research also weigh in with biblically sensitive voters.

With present tense Republican contenders it really is the same tussle as with the Democrats because the Republican hopefuls are not yet revealing any near move toward biblical ethics. There are Republicans who sound as if they are against abortion and homosexual lifestyles; however, their political histories show them to be otherwise."

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