Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Popular U.S. television show The View discusses whether or not the Bible should be taught in school. An excerpt:

BEHAR: Well then in a literature course maybe. In college it should be taught. I don't think that it should be taught in high schools as truth.

WALTERS: But Joy, that's your opinion. To many people, everything- the virgin birth, I mean, it is faith and what is in the Bible, there are many, many people in our soci- who believe, who live their lives because it is in the Bible. You don’t happen to agree.

BEHAR: I understand that. But if I'm a Muslim, I don’t happen to believe in the virgin birth. I'm not a Muslim. But if I were. So I take the position of a Muslim right now. I don't want my kids learning –

HASSELBECK: Even if you’re a Muslim though. Don’t you want the information?

WALTERS: They don't have to. It is optional.

HASSELBECK: If you wanted to argue against the Bible on any, on any plane, wouldn't you want as much information on what you're arguing against? I think this could actually enable people into a very intellectual conversation.

Full transcript from NewsBusters: here

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