Monday, March 12, 2007

Post and Courier (SC): More on the tensions between the Anglican community and the Episcopal Church in the U.S. Father Mark Lawrence's appointment as bishop of South Carolina has been delayed due to his support of gay marriage. "If you define the issues of same-sex blessing and ordination of gay and lesbian persons ... as a justice issue, and the other side defines it as a biblical issue," Lawrence explained, "those who call it a justice issue - how can they in good faith stop until those who oppose them are silenced?" A response to the media coverage on this issue from The war on Easter?

In-Forum (NC): The biblical treatment of women is abominable--from St. Paul who told women to submit to their husband, to Thomas Aquinas who regarded women as "defective and misbegotten," to Pat Robertson who tells women that although it is painful to hear, they must accept the "headship of a man." (subscription)

Boston Globe (MA): Residents fear that a new program in Little Rock, Arkansas to boost security and reduce identity theft by requiring new ID cards is a sign of the beast, signaling that the world is coming ever closer to the apocalypse. These fears were fanned by the Dallas-based website and magazine Endtime Ministries.

Philadelphia Daily News (PA): Human cognition has evolved so much since the Bible was written, many of its commands are no longer relevant. What is important is the Bible's overall meaning. "The crux of the Bible, to me at least, is to love one another, show respect and gratitude to God and treat others as you wish to be treated."

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