Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bible Bending Item of the Day: Would you like a Bible verse with your burger?
From The West coast burger franchise IN-N-OUT burger prints biblical verses (such as John 3:16, Revelation 3:20 and Nahum 1:7) on their soda cups and burger wrappers.

Jam! Showbiz (CANADA): A rock concert scheduled in Rijssen, Netherlands, an area known as "the Dutch Bible Belt," will be permitted under the condition that the performers refrain from cursing.

First Coast News (FL): Bible Battery? A corner preacher in Athens, TN has returned to his post after assaulting police with a Bible.

Columbus Dispatch (OH): An Oregon teacher fired after including biblical references in a presentation that linked evolution, Nazi Germany, and Planned Parenthood.

Christian News Wire (DC): John Hagee, a prominent evangelical known for his controversial position on Israel, has criticized the Bible Literacy Project for content in one of its publications that Hagee feels will confuse children. The textbook in question is "The Bible and Its Influence," a book used by many school districts who have approved a course on the Bible as literature. Hagee and other Christians are concerned that teaching children that William Tyndale, a 16th century translator of the Bible, coined the phrase "let there be light" will raise doubt over the true author of the Bible.
Other passages from the textbook that raises concerns:
  • "Job is one of the most difficult books in the Bible in that it provides no clear cut moral or answer to Job's situation." (page 161)
  • "God's help comes with strings attached – commandments or laws that the Israelites must obey in order to keep faith." (page 72)
  • "The Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning.' [Job 42:12] This ending, though pleasing in some ways, has failed to satisfy various readers over the centuries." (page 160)
  • "It is always good to remember not to try to apply current standards to the biblical accounts." (page 50)
  • "Many students although aware of good and evil, have not thought deeply about it. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God is considered to be good, all knowing and all powerful. Yet this view presents a problem." (page 163)
  • "Gideon won the battle by a bit of trickery." (page 81)
  • "The pattern of family trickery and deceit continues." (page 56 speaking of the family of Abraham)
  • "American writer and reporter Lincoln Steffen's 1926 defense of Leninist (Communist) politics was called 'Moses in Red.'" (page 65)

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