Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bible Bending Item of the Day: Scents of the Bible
biblically inspired perfumes.

Canton Repository (OH): Mennonites from Missouri are planning to move to another state after a law requiring all driver's license applicants to have their picture taken was passed. Mennonites, a more liberal branch of the Amish community, object to the mandate because of the biblical prohibition against "graven images."

Washington Post
(DC): The first murder (Cain and Able) had nothing to do with ethnicity or religion. We all have impulses for good and evil; the key is "to control the later and cultivate the former."

University of Wyoming News (WY): "This international squabble over Scripture [between the Anglican and Episcopalian community] and its applicability is only the most recent instance of the problems Christians face when they try to hold the Bible and modernity together."

Reuters (UK): Texas is the unlikely home of the world's largest gay congregation. Cathedral of Hope stresses Jesus' silence on the subject.

The Conservative Voice (NC): If Brazil passes a law prohibiting homophobic speech and discrimination, "Homosexuals then will gain special privileges while biblical moralists will be arrested. The Christian moral base will be mugged, gagged and spat out on that particular subject."

Philadelphia Neshoba Democrat (MS):Your Journey, another biblically-inspired weight loss program, "explores the biblical truths of healthy living by combining basic nutrition principles with God's word."

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