Tuesday, February 27, 2007

YouTube Bible Bender of the Day: The Parable of the Gorilla
A video made to promote Ruth Rimm's book series Lost Spiritual World is a "post modern" edition of the Bible that incorporates evolution into the biblical message.

WBIR-TV (TN): A religious leader in Florida has declared himself the Antichrist and tattooed himself with "666" to assume his new post. Members of his congregation followed his lead.

The Christian Post: Nine Strategies for the Biblical Wealth Management.

Indianapolis Star (IN): Rising young spelling bee star dropped out of the National Spelling Bee Competition after the event was moved to Sunday citing the biblical command to honor the Sabbath.

Cross Rhythms (UK): Paul Taylor critiques Richard Dawkins' book, The God Delusion; specifically disputing Dawkins rationale for discounting the Bible as evidence that God exists.

NYC Independent Media Center (NY): "Religious families watch out: apparently it's 'abusively pretentious' to name your kid after a Biblical figure like the Prophet Elijah."

Cherokee Sentinel (NC): Cross-training for Christ Day Camp

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