Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bible Bending item of the Day: Scripture Solitaire
"combines the words you reverence [sic] with the game you love."

Glasgow Daily Record (UK): "A Russian mum is suing the government after officials registered her newborn daughter with the number 666. Natalia Serepova, 33, from the south-western city of Stavropol, says the Biblical Number of the Beast is "satanic" and 'the seal of the antichrist'."

Huntsville Forester (Canada): Biblical parable proves to be good economics for local youth group.

eReleases, MD: How's God doing with all his promises? Author Don W. Olson is keeping track: to date, God has fulfilled 60 percent of his biblical prophesies. Keep track of the status of the 1,300 prophesies in Olson's new book God's Track Record of Fulfilled Prophecy. Click here to see preview of some of the fulfilled prophecy.

Anglican Journal
(Canada): Cooking with the Bible, Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore: "The book looks at 18 of the many meals mentioned in the Judeo-Christian Bible, provides recipes and even menus for those inspired enough to throw a biblical feast based on Scriptural text."

PA: In response to reports that presidential candidate Mitt Romney's ancestor's were polygamists, an editorial asks: "If it were okay for biblical patriarchs whose words and deeds are so revered to have multiple wives, why are the being so harsh on poor Mitt just because he descended from men who did the same thing?"

Arkansas Traveler (subscription), AK: Debate between one student who wants to put the "fun back in fundamentalism" and an alumni who believes "fundamentalists are a great threat" discuss the Bible and free speech.

Haaretz, (Israel): Up-date on the Jerusalem biblical zoo: oryx have just been added.

2theAdvocate (LA): The Bible does not support abortion.

MSU State News (MI): Quoting the Bible does not make an argument infallible.

The Washington Times
(DC): "A woman who has covered her roof and property with painted slogans she calls messages from God has been ordered to remove them or face potential fines or jail time."

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