Thursday, February 22, 2007

Philadelphia Inquirer: Boy not allowed to dress like Jesus; mother sues.

Sidelines Online
(subscription) (TN): Jeff Patton, a Christian "sexpert" speaks of the joys of sex the biblical-way: "I think hot, passionate biblical sex the way scripture describes it is certainly the best sex. I think college students are being sold short and are making choices that will ultimately destroy their lives. I love to speak on it in biblical terms because no one else is willing to. [...] I am proposing that the best, hottest sex in the world is with one man and one woman in a lifelong relationship. It's free of guilt, shame, baggage, worry, consequences and you learn each other. I've been married 21 years next June, and I'm telling you that getting to learn a woman that intimately is absolutely mind-boggling."

Jerusalem Post
(Israel): Neot Kedumim, a living exhibit of biblical inspiration

Oxford Press (OH): Ohio's schools should teach students what Jesus had to say about the rich; it will "blow the kids minds."

Coldwater Daily Reporter (subscription) (MI): Only 9 percent of professed Christians have a biblical worldview, according to a study by James Dobson's Focus on Family who has conveniently created a program to address the situation.

Reformatorisch Dagblad (Netherlands): The end of the English reformation? not if the conversation is limited to homosexuality.

Times Journal
(AL): "Not since the days of Samson in the Old Testament has a haircut pulled someone to rock bottom as fast as Britney Spears fell last weekend."

The Guardian
(UK): From Rameses to President Hosni Mubarak Egypt is full of Pharaohs.

Boston Globe (MA): America needs to introduce a course on the Bible and a course on world religions to high schoolers to combat religious ignorance.

Times Online (UK): Protesters in Peckham shouted “put down your guns and pick up the Bible," but that is not the action that is going to turn gun crime around.

The News Journal (DE) :Missing Bibles from patient rooms at local hospital causes community furor. Officials say that they are in the process of re-stocking, skeptics say that they are catering to non-Christians.

IPP Media - Guardian
(United Republic of Tanzania): Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, clarifies what the current tension between Anglicans and Episcopalians is about: "[Anglicans] are reading the Bible, studying the Bible and making out of the Bible as best as we can. As priest of the Anglican Church, I am obliged to study the Bible four times a day. And the issue in the Anglican Church at the moment has nothing to do at all with the place of the Bible. It is due to the fact that some people in the church, a minority, especially in the United States, have chosen to read the Bible in a new, very controversial way. Now that is not the way most of the church reads the Bible. The Bible is still important to most of us."

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