Monday, February 19, 2007

Bible Bending item of the Day: Left Behind: Eternal Forces
(for Windows XP)
Didn't get the chance to battle heretics that you asked for last Christmas? Now you can practice your end-of-the-world slaying with the click of the mouse! Join the Tribulation Forces so you can convert "neutrals," and fight the deceitful PeaceKeepers and Evil Spirits.

The level of violence in the game has brought criticism from some Christian groups. Avery Garner of the Christian Alliance for Progress told USA Today that something "can't be both biblical and brutal."

Bible Bending YouTube video: The Goon Bible Project-The Book of Job
A modern re-mix of this classic story of senseless suffering and supernatural gambling.

Ireland on-line (Ireland): Romanian priest jailed after nun's death in exorcism.

Common Voice
(SC): Does the Bible consider the Atkins Diet a sin?

Sunday Telegraph
(Australia): Cardinal George Pell urges calm over global warming hysteria. "Christians don't go against reason," says Pell, "although we sometimes go beyond it in faith to embrace the possibilities." Pell cites statistics on temperature and carbon emissions and reminds us that this has happened before and Noah made it out fine.

x-Gay Watch (CT): Can one be a Transgender Christian? A summary of the Christian reaction to the suit filed by Julie Marie Nemeck, formerly John Nemeck, who was fired from her university post after she began to identify as a woman. The president of Spring Arbor University contends that Julie's transformation is "not keeping with biblical principles."

The Daily Record
(UK): "Junkie Pete Doherty quoted from the Bible as he used his crucifix to mix crack cocaine at Scotland's top rock venue." What quote did Doherty choose? "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church."

St. Louis Post Dispatch (MO): More on the allegations that the weekly Bible Studies held at a county court office is unconstitutional. One of the members of the studied defended the group saying that the meetings were "a constant course of comfort, strength and inspiration."

Independent Catholic News (UK): New Bible-based project to counter bullying. "The Bible has many stories of people who coped with incredible problems," says Doug Swanney speaking on behalf of the project's organizers, "but it takes skills to use that knowledge in ways children understand and appreciate."

KOTV (OK): In Bible Belt, presidential candidate John McCain to speak about abstinence.

Christian Today
(UK): U2charist: the practice of swapping traditional hymns with U2 hits like "Beautiful Day" and "Mysterious Ways."

(OR): U.S. congressman Tom Tancredo (CO) explains why he thinks that the nation's diminishing Judeo-Christian values will mean the end of America in his new book, In Mortal Danger.

Atlantic Free Press (Netherlands): An examination of why 88 percent of children from evangelical homes leave church after they graduate from high school.

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