Thursday, January 25, 2007

  • WDC Media (CA): A new docu-drama DVD series promises to recreate the oral Bible--as its title "As it Was" suggests.

  • Times Record (AK): As part of a three part series examining the implications of a Bible course in public schools, the article examines the legality of the issue.

  • Evangelical Times (UK): Bible distribution is down worldwide. The internet and other electronic mediums may be part of the decline.

  • Catholic News Service: Pope Benedict XVI hopes a special 2008 council on "The Word of God in Life and in the Mission of the Church" will remind Catholics of the importance of the Bible.

  • Towleroad (NY): A video of a man who claims to have been cured of homosexuality because "the Bible Says" has created a stir on the internet.

  • Courant Hartford (CT): "Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexander Pelosi" is a documentary about evangelicals in the Bible Belt that airs tonight on HBO.

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