Tuesday, January 23, 2007

  • A new book by Rev. Horace Griffin entitled "Their Own Receive Them Not," argues that black churches ignore gay issues. Griffin says that Christians should be skeptical when scripture is used to fuel prejudice against homosexuals.

  • A Bible displayed in a Houston, TX court has disappeared--a new development that will likely complicate the lawsuit contesting the display.

  • Two members of Wycliffe Bible Translators from Spring Grove Herald, MN have translate the Bible into Anufo, a people native to Ghana. Another couple in Temecula, CA translate the Bible into Palawano, a language native in the Philippines.

  • With the help of Oxford University Press, Olive Tree Bible Software has released The New Scofield Study Bible Notes that promises, "Not only will you discover rich truths about the Scriptures, but you can do it right from the palm of your hand."

  • A court in Moscow, Russia, found a semi nude advertisement in the Russian magazine Moulin Rouge ethically unacceptable based on quotations from the Bible and the Quran.

  • A new Creation Museum will open in Petersburg, KY in the Spring; they have hired a Texas public relations firm to make sure someone is excited about it.

  • More on what book U.S. Congress people take their congressional oath, and with what hand.

  • The Conservative Voice examines what the Bible says about abortion and how aborted fetuses should be buried.

  • Some churches refuse to take donations from lottery winnings based on biblical interpretation.

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