Saturday, January 13, 2007

  • Bible Bender of the day: Achieving financial-freedom the Biblical way: a course in Lafayette, LA offers financial guidance based on passages from the Bible.
  • "Scripture is a treasure chest of clues," says Bob Cornuke, the Evangelical Indian Jones. His Bible-bending talents have helped him to "discover" many Biblical landmarks and inspired Tim LaHaye (co-author of The Left Behind Series) to launch a new series of books based on his adventures. Meanwhile, the Baptism Site Commission in Jordan produced a new pilgrim's map based on "stunning archaeological discoveries."
  • The question of longevity: a pastor and a professor use their Bible-bending skills to explain how Adam might have made it to his ninth centennial birthday party.
  • Biblically-based advocacy group, Sabbath year, joins forces with secular groups to lobby Congress to pass a bill that would offer loan forgiveness to third-world countries after a period of seven years.
  • In an odd choice of words, a Florida newspaper refers to the faith-driven boxer, Juan Orango, as the "Bible-basher."
  • Teachers in Federal Way, WA who want to show Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, now must receive approval from the principle and superintendent and present the "opposing view" because the film does not include the Biblical perspective. A Canadian pastor shares what the "opposing view" may sound like.
  • For GI's, discussing the Bible in their native language brings comfort.
  • Agnostic Anglican Bishop, Richard Randerson, shares his unconventional views on God, Jesus, and the Bible with his New Zealand congregation.
  • Peter Craven from The Australian discusses the trouble with translation.

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