Friday, January 12, 2007

  • Bible Bender of the day: In an opinion column, a man in Nigeria argues that the Bible's message on divorce applies to political allies as well as spouses.
  • Georgia approves of state-funded Bible course. Howell, MI, on the other hand, will likely reject a proposal to add the Bible to their curriculum.
  • Live performance of a contemporary interpretation of Song of Songs will air on CBC (Canada) tonight.
  • A staff writer for News and Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina) uses Philippians 3:12-14 as inspiration to move-on in the new year.
  • The Mafia does its share of Bible bending: The Italian police seek the Vatican's expertise to decipher an encoded message from Ecclesiastes.
  • The Bible's ambiguous message on blood transfusions may save the lives of the sextuplets born to a Jehovah's Witnesses couple in Vancouver.
  • An op-ed article argues that President George W. Bush's reliance on the Bible is a sign of his past struggle with alcoholism.
  • Mark 3:29 makes big news: The Blasphemy Challenge encourages non-believers to dare God to send them to hell by denying the holy spirit on camera, the Blasphemy Challenge NOT! urges these participants to repent, and one pastor argues that these heretics are still in the clear based on his interpretation of Mark 3:29.

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