Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sullivan: Americans take the question of God seriously

Andrew Sullivan, a native Brit, on why he has chosen to make America home:

In America, the bigotry you face is real, unvarnished and in the open. In Britain, it can come masked or euphemised or deflected into humour. It hurts much more to punch a brick wall than to punch a deep velvet cushion. But if you punch hard enough, the wall will one day crumble, while the pillow will constantly absorb the blows.

There is plenty of religious bigotry and fundamentalist rigidity and crude sectarianism in America. But there is also a clear and invigorating religious energy that takes the question of God seriously and does not recoil from it in apathy or world-weariness. Give me a fundamentalist to argue with any day over someone who has lost the will to care that much at all.

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Trulyfool said...

The devil is in the word "seriously". As an American, I know absolutely huge swaths of the country where I would be quite unwelcome if they knew my (moderately) progressive views and sense of tolerance.

In-your-face bigots are definitely worse than snide I-won't-let-you-into-my-country-club types. The former carry clubs and guns, beat people, and eliminate legal rights.

(Sincerely, Trulyfool, A voice from America, blogging at Light At The End Of The Tether)