Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yes, their shirts say "ex-mastorbator." And they come in other flavors as well: ex-fornicator, ex-diva, ex-atheist, ex-homosexual.

Why are these smiling teens advertising their ex status? Because that's where the Passion 4 Christ Movement is headed. And what lead them in that direction? A message from the Bible.

Says one young Passionate Person:
You walk into a 7-eleven and people are going to be joking and snickering and you almost want to direct it at those people and say: "You all laughing probably because y'all still masturbating. The reality is that 1 Corinthians 6:9 says that every person who is sexual amoral will not inherit his kingdom. [...] We are officially breaking the silence so that people can be set free.
Watch the full video here:

You don't have to be too far into this video before the snickers turn into a clenching wince. The way these young adults describe the experience of giving up masturbation ("it was like being freed from slavery") suggests that their pre-Vagina Monologues version of abstinence has given them a sense of power and a mandate to convert.

The end-game, it seems, is to cram the entire spectrum of human sexual energy into a marriage because marriage, according to Dr. Ty on, is the only divinely sanctified orgasm container:
Any other orgasm achieved outside of marriage couldn't handle its intense, explosive, addictive, domineering, gripping force without repercussions.
But I suspect there are other powers at work. The Passionate 4 Christ teens hudle together in a church office and tell their stories, building an "I overcame" story that makes them more powerful, more self-controlled then the rest of the big, wide, uninformed world.

No one can take an ax to a community of people who are proud of something they did in their own lives, but its sentiments like this one that concern me:
For me, when I was masturbating, it was a time when I didn't think masturbation was a sin. [...] I am greatful for the t-shirts because there are a lot of people, like me, who didn't know its sinful. [...] It's an opportunity to share the Gospel.
That's not creating a community. That's spreading a message of shame with a cloak of biblical faith.


anthony said...

Are you fucking serious?
Sexuality is HUMAN nature. Why are you repressing natural human nature?

You people are so ignorant it's disgusting.

paul said...

and once again Christianity sexually represses women

oh well at least when I marry the bible says i can beat my wife.

anthony said...

It's a shame people can't form their own opinions and beliefs.

Women and men have the right to masturbate and have sex as many times as they want. There is ZERO reason to repress that. What life are you living if there are so many restrictions without reasoning?

All your fucking religion does is promote idiocy.
Half of you retards haven't even been to college, I can vouch for that.