Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sherri Shephard: Christians predated everything!

I know Bible bending is different than just pure ignorance and I don't have enough time to host a stupidity blog but I couldn't let Sherri Shephard's comment on The View yesterday go without comment.

After a meandering discussion on the Greek philosopher Epicurus (341 B.C. - 270 B.C.) and happiness, Whoppi Goldberg comments that there was no "Jesus Christ stuff around" at the time. To which Shephard responds, "no, there were still Christians." When Whoppi tentatively suggests that Epicurus predates Christians Shephard declares, "I don't think anything predated Christians."

The Huffington Post points out that the argument could have easily resolved itself if someone told Shephard what B.C. means (BEFORE Christ). But my favorite part of the show was when Whoppi calmed Shephard's insistence that Jesus predated Greeks and Romans with a mere "not on paper" as if the only flaw in Shephard's understanding of history was that it was not written down. What are we going to do with the view of history that is "on paper"?

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