Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wrong by Association

Another variation of the "Dr. Laura Letter" appeared today, this time directed at Anglicans who refuse to accept homosexual persons into their congregations.

Here is more "X is wrong because X comes from source Y that also contains Z, and everyone knows Z is wrong":
"The Lord does indeed tell Moses that homosexual acts are wrong. He also warns the prophet not to mar the corners of his beard, not to round the corners of his head, not to have sex with a menstruating woman, not to wear a garment woven with two kinds of thread, not to have carnal relations with certain kinds of female slave, and so on.

Either you follow these instructions literally, or else you temper them with your own knowledge and understanding of life. You take large chunks of the Bible with a grain of salt, and you ignore other parts entirely. You opt for compassion instead of righteous vengeance. You don't pour scorn on love.

That had always – or so I hoped – been the Anglican way. I don't know many Anglicans who obey the Lord's command to hold lobsters in abomination."

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cats said...

there are quite a few crazy things in scripture. they all have a purpose, though sometimes the purpose for a specific law no longer fits our time.

i see the bible as a living document, much like the constitution. it isn't stagnant and continues to be interpreted beyond what the orignial writers intended for the good of the people (well, sometimes)