Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kucinich On the Campaign Trail

Last night during the 4th Democratic presidential debate hosted by YouTube and CNN, a man named Will from Boston asked the candidates if they would support reparations for African-Americans. Rep. Dennis Kucinich D-Ohio responds with this piece of biblical scholarship:

"The Bible says we shall be and must be repairers of the breach. And a breach has occurred. It's also a breach that has affected a lot of poor whites as well."

Whew. All this biblical scholarship goes over my head.
The Bible says: don't be mean. Meanness has occurred. Also to white people as well. I mean, poor white people.

When it comes to platitudes and nonsense, Kucinich was not alone. ("People have an urgent desire for change in Washington," says Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill; "Sometimes the best man for a job is a woman.", says Sen. Hillary Clinton D-NY; "We have to make sure that a president cares," says Bill Richardson Gov. New Mexico; Sen. John Edwards D-NC "I have the strongest, boldest ideas.")

But enlisting the Bible as an accomplice in nonsensical rhetoric sounds awfully familiar. From a man who cryptically vows that his presidency will be one that relies on "the science of human relations," Kucinich could do much to improve American relations if he knocked it off with all this biblical mumble jumble.

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