Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On the Campaign Trail

Yesterday, Salon published an interview with Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards. She discussed her choice to confront Ann Coulter on Hardball, why poverty is a central theme in the Edwards campaign, why John is a better advocate for women's rights than Hillary, and her support of gay marriage--a position that differs from that of her husband's.

The difference, she implies, is in how they read the Bible:

Salon: But your husband feels differently; he's a civil unions guy.

Elizabeth: Well, I think it's a struggle for him, having grown up in a Southern Baptist church where it was pounded into him. I was raised a Methodist in military churches. Poverty was talked about; I don't remember homosexuality ever being mentioned. And I don't think that Christians who aren't engaged in a political campaign ever talk about it. They talk about poverty and other issues talked about in the Bible. But in churches, in political season, there's plenty of ginning up this issue.

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