Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Getting buisness done, the biblical way

The Business Men's Fellowship USA (they have chapters around the world) provides the corporate community a way to bond with the Bible and each other--or with business men anyway, although women are encouraged to pray for them. This must be a powerful combination, considering the goals of the group:
  1. To change the culture of the marketplace by our testimony.
  2. To target active Christian businessmen in the 30-50 age group as members.
  3. To challenge them to bring guests from their business community.
  4. To target Tuesday thru Thursday for a 1-hour breakfast or luncheon.
  5. To conduct the meeting in a restaurant with a private room.
  6. To start every meeting sharing the vision and purpose of BMF.
  7. To present Christ-centered testimonies that comfortably fit the one-hour program.

Afterall, have you ever tried to reserve a private room at breakfast time?

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