Friday, April 6, 2007

The Local (SWEDEN): Scandic, a Swedish hotel chain, has removed Bibles from their guests' rooms Instead, scripture from several religions in various languages will soon be available at hotel receptions.

Charlotte-Observer (NC): Three members of a gay-rights group called Soulforce tried to speak with officials at a fundamentalist Christian university about their policy discriminating against homosexuals. As soon as they walked onto Bob Jones University's campus, they were arrested and charged with trespassing. A statement released by school officials explained:
"Since the Scripture says clearly that homosexuality is a sin, BJU policies forbid homosexuality. We do not single out homosexuality in our policies, however, but address all forms of sexual expression prohibited by Scripture, including lewdness, sensual behavior, adultery, pornography, and sexual perversion of any kind. We can't grant open forums and discussions to a group whose expressed purpose is to undermine the clear teaching of Jesus Christ." WorldNetDaily hails the decision as: "Brave New Schools."

CBS News (NY): Once again, the Bible is this year's bestselling book.

The Sydney Morning Harald (AUSTRALIA): A new wave of Christianity is hitting Australia and its doing its best not to look like Christianity. The newspaper described the phenomena as an "extraordinarily diverse and fast-growing Christian movement catering to the multitudes who reject the institutional church but want to follow its founder, Jesus Christ. [Members] meet in cafes, clubs, homes, halls, parks or galleries. Rather than "church", they may meet as families, students, businesspeople or surfies. They may be affiliated to mainstream churches or they may be entirely independent. Most are committed and young."

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